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Wi are looking for day trip from Casablanca to Rabat
Can you sand me more information and cost
Nick 11/17/2019
Private Guide in Marrakech
IDRISS AALAOUI (Private Guide in Marrakech) 11/17/2019:
Dear Nick
I will be happy to organize your dar trip from Casablanca to Rabat
The tour will be as the following start from Casablanca 8 am and drive true the cost to Rabat the arriving time to Rabat stat the visit of kasbah or oudaya with local guide after that Hassan mosque and mosoly
Kings palace and the new city of the capital in the evening will drive to Casablanca bay 6 pm
The cost 190 euro
Private AC mini van
Local guide in Rabat
Private driver inglesh sp
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We arrive in Tangier airport at 13:30 and have to back that evening for a flight to Agadir at 22:15. We would love to experience the culture, sip some tea and try some street food.. We will each have a backpack. Is this possible? If so, what would the cost be and where would we meet you. Thank you
Anne 10/6/2019
Private Guide in Tangier
Ahmed Taoumi (Private Guide in Tangier) 10/6/2019:
Hello Anne
I am sorry. I am taken today.
You could have written with a marge of time so I could organize your day in Tangier.
Regards your
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I am interested in a brief food presentation, not 5 hours, maybe 1 hour. I also want to tour the markets, look at pottery and maybe rugs. I could start around 12:30 and must be done by 6 pm.
ginny 7/20/2015
Private Guide in Tangier
Ahmed Taoumi (Private Guide in Tangier) 10/2/2015:
I am at your disposal but need to know the exact date of your visit.
Thank you
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Hiking is one of my preferred ways to spend a holiday. Can you suggest me interesting places were I can hike and appreciate Morocco’s natural splendour? Can you also recommend me about beautiful city sightseeing?

Ande 2/25/2011
Private Guide in Tangier
Aziz Saint Laurent (Private Guide in Tangier) 3/7/2011:
I’m in the North of Morocco Tangier, if you are interested in hiking as a way to spend your holiday; I have professional guides that can take you to many different places.
Please give more information about yourself, and when you would like to come to morocco .and how long are you planning to stay? How many people are you?
There is mountains, beaches, forests, and Berber villages.
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Private Guide in Casablanca
Jawad El Rhannami (Private Guide in Casablanca) 3/1/2011:
Hello Ande
Thank you for contacting us
Please note that Morocco is a country in general is to enjoy, there are several villages where you can feel the country you live in authentic,
Ie visit kasbah, desert oiasis,
For more information
Please contact us
Best Regards
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Private Guide in Tangier
Merrouch Mohammed (Private Guide in Tangier) 2/25/2011:
For hiking please specify your point of arrival in Morocco...for sightseeing in the north there's Tangier,Asilah,fes,meknes and chechaouen in the south there’s Marrakech,Essaouira and Ourzazat. Welcome to Morocco
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