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Answers about Hong Kong

We are looking for a full day tour of Hong Kong with a private vehicle. My husbank is handicapted and can't go on a large bus or public transportation. How much do you charge per hour?
Gloria 10/28/2019
Private Guide in Hong Kong
Wouter van Marle (Private Guide in Hong Kong) 10/29/2019:

Thank you for the enquiry.

Unfortunately I can't offer tours with private vehicle. That is anyway not convenient in Hong Kong, parking is a major issue.

If your husband is in a wheelchair, using the regular buses is probably the most convenient option to get around as all buses in Hong Kong are all wheelchair accessible (with ramp and wheelchair space on the lower deck), making it easier to get on and off than using a private car where you have to get off the wheelchair and place it in the back of the car or so.

The MTR railway system is also fully accessible but often only one station exit has a lift, some stations only have stair lifts, making it a less convenient option than the bus.

There are also wheelchair accessible taxis around, but only available on booking. I have no direct experience with them - especially availability may be an issue as there are not many of them.

Hi there, do you do food tours?

Natalie 7/28/2018
Private Guide in Hong Kong
KWOK Wai Yin, Kennes (Private Guide in Hong Kong) 7/29/2018:
Hi Natalie,

My typical options:

A. Food explore in Chinese style restaurant (yum-cha)in morning time plus a short walking tour in temple

B. Food explore in street-food-style hot pot dinner plus night market

Please let me know your plan and ideas, to check whether I can be fit into your itinerary.
Thank you
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Hi, Wouter!
I found your info on, so nice to meet you.
My name is Pavel, I am from Russia, and the question I'd like to ask
you is next- can you do a business guiding as well? I mean-me and my
colleague are highly interested in certain business fields which seem
to be blooming in Hong Kong now. So is it possible to demonstrate to
us the workshops and facilities we need, and tell something about the
way they operate? A partnership with those we'll visit is definitely
regarded,so they'd accept our visit friendly, I guess...
Please, inform me if this kind of service is available or not anyway.

Thank you very much indeed,

Paul 10/21/2013
Private Guide in Hong Kong
Wouter van Marle (Private Guide in Hong Kong) 10/21/2013:

Can you be more specific in your request? Like which business field you are interested in? Without a specific request from your side I can not do anything.

I have heard and read that Hong Kong is a little bit like New York City. Is this true and if so what are some of the must visit shops in the city? Are there any restaurants local to the shops that I can visit for a quick meal throughout the day?
Brenda Parker 1/31/2011
Private Guide in Hong Kong
KWOK Wai Yin, Kennes (Private Guide in Hong Kong) 1/31/2011:
Hong Kong is a truly "Shoppers' Paradise". There are different stylish shopping malls, department stores as well as bustling open-air markets. HARBOUR CITY and TIMES SQUARE would be the must visit shopping malls for visitors.
Also, there are restaurants located insides the malls or within the shopping district.
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