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Language: Bulgarian
Currency: Lev (BGL)

Information about Nessebar


Nessebar is an ancient seaside resort in Bulgaria often called “The Pearl of the Black Sea.” The entire city is a museum enriched with many prominent UNESCO World Heritage Sites preserving the history of the area from antiquity, through medieval times into the modern age. Not a large town with a mere 12,000 residents, Nessebar is still a major tourist destination with throngs of visitors flocking to its Sunny Beach during the warm season.

Some iconic sites of Nessebar include the old wooden windmill at the town’s main entrance, and several spectacular churches such as The Church of St. John the Baptist, and the Church of Christ Pantocrator. The old town is nearly a separate entity, with wide cobblestone streets lined with tumbling ruins, ancient wooden houses, quaint cafes and street artists. The new town offers trendy nightclubs, excellent shopping, gorgeous beaches and magnificent panoramic views of the beautiful harbor.


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