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Language: Spanish
Currency: Chilean peso (CLP)

Information about Valparaiso


Nicknamed as "Little San Francisco", the city of Valparaiso has many resemblances with the large US Pacific metropolis. And it's not just the climate, which is mostly identical only in the other hemisphere.

The history and cultural background of Valparaiso is also very similar to San Francisco, which makes it a great destination for anyone who loves peculiar places. So if you're visiting Chile, Santiago in particular, just take the two hour drive west to the Pacific coast and enjoy one of the colorful and diverse cities in this part of the country.

The central part of Valparaiso makes part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and once you arrive there, you instantly realize why this city is considered as one of the most impressive cultural hubs of this part of the Pacific. The rich European influence that was thriving during the 19th century with its massive immigration from different European countries made the entire city a huge melting pot for various styles, ideas and traditions. Going from one hill to another you feel like traveling to an entirely different country, creating very diverse sensations and vivid experience.

Today Valparaiso is one of the active cultural centers of Chile, which can be seen with the abundance of theaters, libraries, cafes, restaurants, cultural events and street performances. So if you want to get immerse in an atmosphere of cultural diversity set in a very beautiful scenic background overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Valparaiso is definitely the place to go!


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