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Old Towns and places - Helsinki

Culture and History tour in Helsinki


  Experience old places around and near Helsinki!
The very place where Swedish king Gustav Vasa founded the city of Helsinki the year 1550. An old factory area near by the river Vantaa rapids and nice short nature paths. You can visit the Technical Museum by the river. From the we’ll move to see the oldest building in the Helsinki area, the church of St. Lawrence,  built 1494 which is a popular venue for weddings. The church is a part of
an old village situated in that area. Petri Oleng. Porvoo
  By your choice you can get to see the lake Tuusula, once very popular place among Finnish artists, writers, composers such as Jean Sibelius, where his house still stands. 

  Depending on how long a tour you want to see, we’ll go 50 kilometers east of Helsinki to the old wooden town of Porvoo, one of Finland’s oldest towns. The town got its name from a Swedish earth fortress near the river Porvoonjoki which flows through the town. The town is famed for its many wooden buildings, and for the medieval Porvoo Cathedral which gave its name to the Porvoo Communion - an inter-church agreement between a number of Anglican and Lutheran denominations. There you can wander the narrow streets paved by little cobble stones. Small quaint handicrafts shops selling items made in traditional ways. By the river bank old fishermen’s cottages remain numerous.

  West of Helsinki, ca. 85 kilometers away, is situated a nice Fiskars and Mustio, famous for scissors, Mill areas dating back to the 1700´s. A beautiful, peaceful place to forget all the world’s problems. What a serenity! Nearby Fiskars a little town of Karjaa
is also breathing an old atmosphere.

  Combining the old places you can spend a whole day in the last centuries, just within 100 kilometers away from Helsinki.

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