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Population: 23,554
Language: Hungarian
Currency: Forint (HUF)

Information about Szentendre


Szentendre is a small town of merely 20,000 inhabitants, located near Budapest and easily accessible by railway and river boat for vacationers staying in the capital city. The picturesque riverside village is well known for its museums and artists’ colony and is a popular tourist destination on the Danube.

 Charming cobblestone streets are lined with lovely decorated shops and intriguing baroque architecture. Several of its various churches are included among its attractions, such as the Serbian Orthodox Church, and Chiprovtsi Church. However, it is the art museums and contemporary art galleries that proffer the main tourist attractions for Szentendre.

 Many generations of Hungarian artists have lived in Szentendre, and its artists’ colony plays an important role in this village. The Gallery of the Artist Colony is a prominent museum, as is Szentendre Gallery, and the Janos Kmetty Museum. Contemporary art galleries include the Vajda Lajos Studio and the Palmetta Design Gallery.


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