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Andrea - Private Guide in Catania

Private Guide in Catania
 Member Since 2015  Country: Italy City: Catania Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: NO Translation Service: YES Languages: Italian, Spanish, English, French, Russian Education: Storia e scienze politiche e relazioni internazionali, catania. Ceria, graduat en guides touristiques. Experience: 10 years Licenses, Training and Certifications:

Ceria, graduat en guides touristiques.

Languages: Italian, Spanish, English, French, Russian

I grow in Belgium, and after 20 years of clouds and rain I decided to return back to the misery, to the desert. Desert in the sense of difficulties to get honest money, because in Sicily only the government pays. The government and tourism, because tourist are not jalous, that you are growing, that you are rising up to become someone.

Because this is the system, feodalic, that we have here. It's true, in the North of Europe I had everything, however no sun, just money. There is challenge for surviving more than everywhere, and I feel in life, with this extraordinary sunshine waiking up in the morning all the sicilians. However the weather in the summer is terrible, also the mosquitos: too strong, they are modified geneticly here!

People have energy, feelings, speak to you in the bus, in the Street, in the bars...this is life, this is why I returned back. For me Sicily is like a painting, I was abroad and now I'm here: I can see the painting for both perspectives, this is what we will try to do all toghether: see tha painting is his totality.