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A Full Day Walking Tour through the archaeology of Syracuse

Culture and History tour in Siracusa

Tour Price : €280 Duration : 8 hours Languages: English, Italian

Cicero described Siracusa as the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of all (Verrine, II, IV, 117). Established in 733 BC by Corinthian settlers, Syracuse played a starring role in Mediterranean history, becoming the political and cultural heart of Sicily until the Arabic conquest in 878 AD. The historical importance of the city reverberates through its enormous archaeological heritage, which may be regarded as the perfect interpretation of the history of ancient Sicily. This becomes evident by looking at the whole city, from Plemmirio to Epipole, from the Neapolis Park to Ortygia, from the district of Santa Lucia to the showcases of the “Paolo Orsi” Archaeological Museum.

Our tour will start in the Eurialo Castle, whose construction was ordered by Dionysius the Elder (402-397 BC). It was built on the most vulnerable part of the Epipole area and represented the most important fortification of Syracuse until the Roman siege in 212 BC. The complex defence structures of the castle will be the starting point of our tour through the archaeology of Syracuse.

We will proceed with the Neapolis Archaeological Park to visit the Greek theater, the Greek stone quarries, the altar of Hieron II and the Roman Amphitheater.

Finally, we will visit the island of Ortygia that discloses exceptional Greek, Roman, and Late Antique monuments.

Additional information

Tour information:
Tour Price: €280
Duration: 8 hours
Group Size: 1-15 tourists
Languages: English, Italian
Tour package includes:
Airport Transfer :NO
Hotel pick-up:NO
Drop-off :NO
Tour Transportation (car, van, limo, boat, etc…):NO
Food and Drinks :NO
Other services (fees apply):
Attraction tickets (concerts, theater, museum, circus...) :YES
Translation services :NO
Reservations (hotels, restaurants, airline) :NO
Visa support :NO
Additional information:
This tour must be booked at least 7 days in advance of your travel date :NO
Tour groups must include a minimum of 2 passengers :NO
Tour prices are flexible and based on your requirements :YES
This Tour is Kid Friendly :YES
Attractions:Syracuse, Sicily, Siracusa