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Population: 30 000
Language: Arabic
Currency: Jordanian dinar (JOD)

Information about Petra

Welcome to Petra where you are certain to enjoy your stay.   Petra is located in the southern Jordanian governorate of Ma'an. This phenomenal city is celebrated for its rock-cut architecture.  Petra is often referred to as the Rose City because of the color of the stone which it is carved from and is proudly Jordan's most-visited tourist attraction.  This city is well-known for Mount Aaron, where the Tomb of Aaron is said to be positioned.   

The extraordinary eastern entrance leads sharply down through a dark, narrow gap called the Siq or shaft which was formed naturally from a deep split in the sandstone rocks and functions as a waterway into Wadi Musa.   At the end of the slender gorge stands Petra's most extravagant ruin, Al Khazneh, known as "the Treasury.”  This ruin is carved into the sandstone cliff.   A short distance from the Treasury, at the bottom of the mountain called en-Nejr, is a colossal theatre, placed so as to bring the highest possible number of tombs within sight. The amphitheater has been cut into the hillside and into several of the tombs during its construction.  

Surrounding it on three sides sit rose-colored mountain walls, separated into groups by deep fractures and lined with knobs etched out from the rock in the shapes of towers.   The Great Temple of Petra is nothing less than exquisite to see.  The Silk Tomb, Uneishu Tomb and antique columns are terrific points of interest worth visiting, too.   Petra is a fabulous getaway for tourists.

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Hello! My name is Rudie, and I work as a private guide in Jordan. Petra is my home town and I really like this place. That is why I started organizing private tours in Petra in 1995. Petra is a cradle of secrets, and a pure gem of the ancient world. It is hidden amidst sublime rugged mountains and in certain points it is impossible to reach it on any transport.

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