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Historic Malacca

Private tour in Kuala Lumpur

Languages: Historic Malacca - Melaca where it all began. Visit this historic state where the history of the Peninsular Malaysia is said to have begun, the once greatest seaport where the Portuguese, Dutch and English took turns to capture this once powerful and prosperous trading post. Walk along historic buildings and monuments and see tha different cultures that once traded with and colonised this state. Tour in Kuala Lumpur.

Private tour in Malaysia. Christ Church BuildingMalacca is a place where you can liken it to "a museum within a museum". Your surroundings changes the moment you cross the border and enter into this tiny state. Because it is known as the historical city, Malacca has ample tourist facilities and well-placed signboards to guide you to your specific places of interest. There are strategically and beautifully landscaped gardens/parks greeting you on the outskirt of town as well as easy road directions pointing you towards your next stop! Excursion with private guide in Kuala Lumpur.

One of the most obvious pieces of historical remnants from the colonial days stood in the form of buildings. Everywhere you look, you will see quaint old buildings, in which some are as old as the history of Malacca itself. Be it large old church buildings, colonial homes, or even old-time shop houses, the buildings of Malacca offers a huge thrill for those who are interested in history.

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