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Population: 780,800
Language: Romanian
Currency: Moldovan leu (MDL)

Information about Chisinau

Chisinau is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Moldova.  A humid, Continental climate best describes this region.  Winters are cold and windy, while summers are hot and dry.  Old fashioned Soviet-style groups of living blocks are still a prominent trait of the cityscape.  There are three museums that sightseers often visit.  First, there is National Museum of Ethnography and National History.

This museum incorporates archaeological, geological, and zoological assemblages as well as others.  The museum also possesses a botanical garden which was founded in 1906. It was the first botanical garden in Bessarabia and it remains in existence today. The second museum is the National Museum of Arts. The most spectacular collection in the Museum is that of Moldavian Soviet art.  

Important social transformations in the life of the country itself, beauty of mankind, and environment are the subjects reflected in the masterpieces of Moldavian painters.  Thirdly is the National Museum of Archaeology and History.  This museum proudly owns 322,172 items that tell a story the history of Moldova through the centuries beginning at primitive times up until present day.  These accounts relay information about events, facts, the environment, and people.  This city offers a vast amount of shopping complexes where a gigantic assortment of products are available for purchase. 

There is ample transportation, including buses, minibuses, and trolley buses.  The SkyTower is a marvelous sight to behold and for entertainment there is the National Opera and Ballet Theatre.  Visiting Chisinau is a fine option when vacationing.

Private Guide in Chisinau

Private Guide in Chisinau - Irina

(Member Since 2014) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Chisinau, Orhei Languages: English, Russian,

In 6 years of work as the guide I served many tourists from the different countries: Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, USA, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden. Most often it were guests of our country who come to the acquaintances, the family or on any seminars. But each of these tourists remained is happy and received the mass of impressions about small Moldova.

Private Guide in Chisinau

Private Guide in Chisinau - Natalia

(Member Since 2008) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Chisinau, Soroca Languages: English, Russian, Romanian, Turkish

Hello, dear friends! I work as a private guide in Moldova. It is worth noting that I have great communicational and team work skills. Moreover, I have high proficiency in English, so we won't have any break downs in communication. I am always open to dealing with challenges. I can say that I have a very optimistic outlook and open mind.

Private Guide in Chisinau

Private Guide in Chisinau - Nicolai

(Member Since 2017) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Chisinau, Ialoveni Languages: Romania, Russian, English

We can, together, walk the old Chisinau-the capital of Moldova! Or driving a car around the city. You will sea museums, gardens, parks, lakes. A lot of interesting building from the center located.

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About your question, I need get a birth certificate of my great grandfather and this doc should be there because he was born in Bassarabia, former Romanian territory. Instead I go to Moldova, should be possible you do this job? Just go into the archive and ask for? Thanks!
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