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Excursion to the Monasteries of Capriana and Hincu from Chisinau

Excursion in Chisinau, Nisporeni, Capriana

Tour Price : €175 Duration : 6 hours Languages: Romania, Russian, English


Monastery Capriana was founded by Moldovan gospodar Alexander the Good. In 1429, he built a very large by size the Assumption Church, the thickness of the foundation was about 2.6 - 2.85 m. The first prior was Abbot Cyprian, who had a beautiful voice, composed music and poetry. The oldest poetic work in the territory between Prut and Dniester also belongs to him. Abbot Cyprian took part in the construction of church, founded a library of religious books. Thanks to him, the monastery became the center of copyists of holy writings and manuscripts. During the reign of the Moldavian gospodar Stefan cel Mare in 1471 the Church of the Assumption the Mother of God, damaged by the earthquake, was again restored. In 1541, Moldavian gospodar Petru Rares completely rebuilt the main Church; he reduced the wall thickness up to 1.8 m. Tour in Chisinau. In 1545, he presented Four Gospels, in which he the first time called the monastery as"Cypriana”. In the future, it will replace the old name - Vyshnevetsky or Ishnovetsky (named after the river, on which the monastery is standing). In 1820, the church was destroyed by an earthquake and was restored on the model of Sviatogorsky temples by Exarch Metropolitan Gavril Banulescu Bodoni. After his death, in 1821, Gavril Banulescu Bodoni was buried at the south wall of the Church of the Assumption.
In 1903, the abbot Theophylactus has built the Cathedral of St. George and has brought from Moscow the big bell, on which are cast the words: “Bring glad tidings on the earth with joy”, together with a big bell in the bell tower ring the bells, donated in 1902 by Anastasia Ryzova, honorary resident of the city of Kharkov.
In the monastery library there are: rare Slavic Gospel, donated on 11 1545 by Gospodar Petru Rares, grant (hrisov) from 1695 about ecclesiolatry of the Monastery of Capriana for the monastery Zograf, writ of protection of Count Rumyantsev of 1778 about the privilege for the monastery Capriana, religious books.
Around the Assumption Church there are ring situated the warm winter church of Saint Nicholas, the cells, the refectory, household outbuildings. Capriana monastery complex was formed during the XV - XIX centuries. Moreover, in the XXI century it is being restored, rebuilt and decorated. About Capriana monastery there are many legends associated with the name Stefan cel Mare. One of them tells about the warriors of gospodar, who were resting in the Codri at the spring of St. Abraham.Today everybody while visiting Capriana can experience the feeling of joy, sharing with the spirituality of the holy places and the beauty of Moldavian landscape.

Hincu - at the sources of rivers Kogylnik is situated Hincu Monastery. Since ancient times, there is a legend a young maiden, who left his parents' home in the middle of winter. Legend is very realistic. Great stolnik Mihai Hincu in 1678 builds a monastic skete, where has found the shelter one of his daughters, who has took monastic vows with the name Paraskeva. A true blossoming skete received during the management of the elder Dositheus - native from Bulgaria. In 1835, instead of the wooden church is built the stone church in the name of St. Paraskeva, and skete is renamed as the Monastery. Excursion with private guide in Chisinau. The church is situated on a hill, has a rich sacristy, bell tower.
Another warm winter church is built in 1841 in the name of the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God. It is located in the middle of a very beautiful stone building, built by the type of the manor house of the nineteenth century.
The monastery complex was formed during the XVII - XIX centuries. At the end of the nineteenth century in the monastery, there were two churches, cells for novices, refectory, living room, kitchen, bakery, granary, joinery and other buildings. Around the monastery are built the fountains into which water is supplied through the pipes. In 1835, were created two small lakes.
Among the curiosities of the monastery library are- letter of commendation of Gospodar Iliash Alexander Voivod of 7475/1667 November 8; donative record of the Monastery builder Michael Ginkul of 7486/1678 of December 9.
The nuns engaged in improvement of monastery Metochion from early spring until the late autumn.
They themselves sewing winter blanket of wool, growing fruits and vegetables, They have the apiary and wonderful "poultry yard" where live chickens, swans, geese, pheasants, peacocks , and at a small plant of the Moldovan-Belgian enterprise «Akvasant Hîncu» nuns produce carbonated water with aloe extract.
In the twenty-first century, the monastery complex is “experiencing the resurgence”: is built a new building for the cells, hotel for pilgrims, the new cathedral of Peter and Paul, in which simultaneously can pray up to 2000 parishioners.
Tourists visiting the monastery complex Hincu will be enchanted by the beauty of the surrounding forest, bell ringing and selflessness of nuns, which in 1995 took patronage over the an orphan home «Preafericitul Iosif, situated in Chisinau.

Technical information: Extent of the round-trip route - 140 km, Duration - 8 hours (taking into account travel time), sanitary stopping - at monastery territories. Footwear - at the choice of the tourists, clothing for men: shorts below the knee, it is possible the shirt with short sleeves (no tank top), clothing for women - skirts, blouses without decollete, shoulders should be covered, on the head - kerchief. You can take drinking water and food for a snack. For the of the Monastery (optional) you can bring sunflower oil, wheat flour, wine, bread. On the way back possible to stop in the woods at the equipped parking, from your products to cover a table, eat and rest (without campfire, barbecue).


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Tour information:
Tour Price: €175
Duration: 6 hours
Group Size: 1-3 tourists
Languages: Romania, Russian, English
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Airport Transfer :NO
Hotel pick-up:YES
Drop-off :YES
Tour Transportation (car, van, limo, boat, etc):YES
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