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Private Guide in Ulaanbaatar

Byambadorj - Private Guide in Ulaanbaatar

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Mongolia Off-road Adventure and Trekking

Trekking tour in Ulaanbaatar

Duration : 21 days/20 nights. Languages:

Day 1
Arrive Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Day 2
Sightseeing in UB
Day 3
Fly to Muron, Khovsgol province, meet the driver, and drive north-westwards to Tsagaan Nuur. Overnight at Beltes river crossing. (BLD; Dr; C)
Day 4
Arrive to Tsagaan Nuur, meet wranglers (BLD; Dr; FS)
Day 5
Drive to departure point for the extensive hiking trip in West Taiga (taiga – humid larch forest), leave the van at wranglers place for rendezvous on Day 11, start your 5 day hike. Terrain – mountainous, partially steep, wetlands, forest. Difficulty – medium. All luggages will be packed on horses. The caravan will be led by wranglers who are local guides as well. Optional horse riding. (BLD; Dr, HRopt, H, C)
Day 6 – 9
Full day hiking and optional horse riding in the mountains, valleys, forests, and wetlands. Opportunity to view & photograph local wildlife and plants. Terrain – mountainous, partially steep, wetlands, forest, valleys. Expect the temperature to drop down at nights and raise high up during the daytime. Difficulty – medium & challenging. (BLD; HRopt, H; C & FS)
Day 10
Rendezvous with the driver, drive to wrangler’s place. Relaxation & leisure time. (BLD; H, Dr; FS)
Day 11
Drive eastwards to the foothills of the Jigleg Pass, the gateway to the great Khovsgol Lake. Stop at Renchinlhumbe town for overnight. Explore the town. (BLD; Dr; G)
Day 12
Continue journey to the Jigleg Pass, reach the foothills and ascend the pass. Descend the pass and reach a small lodge on the shore of the lake. Enjoy the beautiful view and leisure time on the lake shore. Terrain – wetland, forest & mountain. Difficulty – easy. (BLD; Dr, H, HRopt; G)
Day 13 – 14
Start 2 day hike along the lake shore southwards towards Khatgal, a southernmost town of the Khovsgol Lake. Enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. Terrain – hills, forest. Difficulty – easy. (BLD; H, HRopt; C)
Day 15
Reach your ger lodge at the lake shore. This is the last day on the lake and in the beautiful Khovsgol province. Leisure and relaxation. (BLD; H, HRopt; G)
Day 16
Drive to Muron to catch your next day flight back to Ulaanbaatar. (BLD; Dr; GH)
Day 17
Fly back to UB. Drive to Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Optional hiking, leisure day. (BLD; Dr; G)
Day 18
Full day hiking, relaxation in the NP. (BLD; G)
Day 19
In the afternoon, depart back to UB. Enjoy evening folk performance.
Day 20
Full day sightseeing and shopping in the capital.
Day 21
Transfer to the airport for an international departure.

Private tours in Mongolia

Areas of visit:
Ulaanbaatar (central region), Khovsgol (northern region), Gorkhi-Terelj NP (central region)

Itinerary legend:
B – breakfast, L – lunch, D – dinner; C – camping, G – ger lodge, GH – guest house, A – apartment, H – hotel; Dr – driving; H – hiking; HR – horse riding; FS – family stay; opt–optional

Trip activities:
The distances are VAST. Extensive hiking, camping, occasional driving, and optional horse riding. Good physical health of the participants is a plus.

Opportunity to view Naadam (the national competition of wrestling, horse racing and archery) Festival is on July 11 – 13. However, if the main state event is missed, there are many opportunities to view the games as a local event in mid and early fall

Trip is Customizable

Additional information

Tour information:
Duration: 21 days/20 nights.
Tour package includes:
Airport Transfer :NO
Hotel pick-up:NO
Drop-off :NO
Tour Transportation (car, van, limo, boat, etc…):NO
Food and Drinks :NO
Other services (fees apply):
Attraction tickets (concerts, theater, museum, circus...) :NO
Translation services :NO
Reservations (hotels, restaurants, airline) :NO
Visa support :NO
Additional information:
This tour must be booked at least 7 days in advance of your travel date :NO
Tour groups must include a minimum of 2 passengers :NO
Tour prices are flexible and based on your requirements :NO