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Olga Gracheva - Private Guide in Cusco

Private Guide in Cusco
 Member Since 2015  Country: Peru City: Cusco Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: Russian, Spanish, English

Languages: Russian, Spanish, English

Peru! Unforgettable country of contrasts!

When I arrived to Lima already more than 10 years ago, I couldn't expect that my life will become so fascinating!

Country with a set of climatic zones, three languages and a lot of nationalities - it is possible not to leave Peru for years, thus constantly traveling, learning new places and coming back to that special old ones!

From the very beginning I was surprised by the local people - how friendly and smiling they are! How open minded! During this years I keep surprising with their way of see things.

I traveled all over the country for many times, I've seen people, homes, life styles and hobbies of Peruvians in almost all cities - it's incredibly interesting and useful experience!

Between my favorite places in Peru are Tarapoto, Cusco and Arequipa, beautiful cities with absolutely different climates, people types and cultures!

Lima, the city I live - is the modern capital with all that any traveler would like to find in a big city and even more: from shops and restaurants to art galleries and yoga groups.

Attractions:Peru, Tarapoto, Cusco, Arequipa