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Population: 319,422
Language: Spanish
Currency: Nuevo Sol

Information about Cusco

Cusco is a city located in southeastern Peru that is absolutely marvelous to venture to.  The climate is considered subtropical highland.  There are two seasons: dry season and wet season.  The dry season spans from April to October and the wet season goes from November through March.  One of the most famous sites sought out by tourists is Machu Picchu as it is phenomenal.  This renowned landmark is positioned on a mountain edge that is above the Sacred Valley, northwest of Cusco. 

The Urubamba River runs through Machu Picchu.  This incredible point of interest was constructed in the traditional Inca method and has polished dry-stone walls. Its three main assemblies are Inti Watana, Temple of the Sun, and Room of the Three Windows.  Other places of interest that guests enjoying seeing are Moray and Vitcos.   Moray encompasses rare Inca remnants and a few enormous tiered spherical indentations.  This area has a refined irrigation method.  Vitcos is an interesting palace that is comprised of two clusters of buildings. Moray Plaza de Armas of Cusco was the setting of a few of the city’s historical events.  The Convent and Church of la Merced is exceptionally ornate and stunning.  Travelers are attracted to the street, Hatun Rumiyoq, where the Stone of the Twelve Angles is visible.  This is a true wonder of antiquated stonework. 

Cuisine is varied in Cusco and there are unbelievably over 3,000 types of potatoes grown in this region.  When searching for a spectacular vacation destination, this is certainly it.

Private Guide in Cusco

Private Guide in Cusco - Hernan

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