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Population: 265,881
Language: Slovenian
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Ljubljana

The capital, and largest city in Slovenia is Ljubljana. The location of the city is between the northern Adriatic Sea and the Danube region, between the Alps and the Karst Mountains. The central location, in the middle of a trade route, contributes to the city being the cultural, educational, economic, political and administrative center of Slovenia. Industry is big in Ljubljana especially in the pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and food processing. 

Culture is important in Ljubljana and each year, over 10,000 events take place in the city. There are also many art galleries and museums located here including the Slovenian Museum of National History, The National Gallery, The Museum of Modern Art and The Museum of Contemporary Art. For classic music, opera or ballet visit the Slovenian Philharmonics or The Slovene National Opera and Ballet Theatre.  

Take a trip to downtown Ljubljana on a Sunday morning and visit the local flea market. You’ll find antiques, art pieces, furniture, kitchenware and memorabilia from the former Yugoslav republic such as coins, stamps, medals and uniforms. Visiting the market is a great way to get a taste of the local culture. 

Private Guide in Ljubljana

Private Guide in Ljubljana - Rok

(Member Since 2008) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Ljubljana Languages: English

My name is Rok Puppis and I am a professional licensed guide for more than 8 years. After many years abroad I have decided to take tourists around my homeland for which I belive it is one of the most hidden treasures in Europe still unknown to majority of tourists. I can take to the most hidden places that Slovenia has to offer.

Private Guide in Ljubljana

Private Guide in Ljubljana - Dunja

(Member Since 2006) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Ljubljana

My name is Dunja and I am a licensed tourist guide in Slovenia, I graduated from Cultural studies in the University of Ljubljana. During my study I was working as a tourist guide and representative around...

Private Guide in Ljubljana

Private Guide in Ljubljana - Sabina

(Member Since 2012) Languages: slovenian, english, croatian

Tourism was a part of my life from my earliest childhood. As a young boy my father has been writing to tourist associations throughout the world, collecting their brochures, travel guides and catalogues. I have been watching the pictures and dreaming of faraway places before I learned how to read, wanting to visit foreign cities and cultures.