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Ahmed Taoumi - Private Guide in Tangier
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Customer's Opinions about guide from Tangier, Morocco

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, United States, Denver, 2019-06-02

We were not aware that this is a freelance service. We thought we were booking with someone named Ahmed Taoumi and were excited about the excellent reviews we saw for him. However, we got someone completely different. The tour was not bad - but we were a bit disappointed on a number of levels. First, we felt like we had been misled. Perhaps we somehow misinterpreted the way this site works. And we really wanted a history and cultural tour. We got some of that, but we also ended up in some shops in which it was clear we were expected to buy something. Furthermore, there appeared to be some confusion about the cost. You need to be very sure you are clear about what you are going to pay up front and don't let the guide try to talk you into something else.

I will say that the process of getting the ferry tickets did work very well and the guide was ready and waiting for us. We saw a lot and had a lovely lunch (price not included - but reasonable). There was something weird about the return time on the ferry ticket. The time change between Spain appears to vary between 1 and 2 hours. At any rate, the guide got us back early and if he hadn't I think we might have missed the ferry so we did appreciate his attention to that.

I am glad we visited Morocco, but overall, I think I wish we had done one of the larger established tours.

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, United States, Dos Palos, 2014-12-28
Deanna about guide from Tangier

My sisters and I had an amazing time on our day long tour of Tangiers, Morocco with Ahmed Taoumi. We made arrangement via email before we left and Ahmed gave us all the information we needed to get from Torremolinos to Tarifa in order to catch the ferry to Tangiers. He met us at the docks and took us all over the place while telling about the history of the city and the people who live there. His knowledge is incredible and, even though we were a little anxious at first, once we were with Ahmed, he put all of our worries at ease. He was so kind and he answered all of our many questions without hesitation. He also insisted we ride camels on the beach which turned out to be one of the best ideas of the trip and the picture our mother used for her Christmas card this year. He took us to a great restaurant for lunch and for a tour of the medina, the Kasbah and an interesting museum that had a fascinating old wooden safe with a secret lock he was able to open. Overall, we had a wonderful time in Tangiers and we would definitely recommend a tour with Ahmed Taoumi.

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, Australia, Hope Island, 2014-10-18

We were fortunate to have chosen Ahmed Taoumi as our guide to Tangiers. He was engaging, knowledgeable, well connected, was in no rush and open to our questions regarding all aspects of Tangerines. We have no hesitation in recommending Ahmed.

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, USA, San Jose, 2012-05-04
dave jeffords about guide from Tangier

I selected Ahmed as our guide for a 5 hour tour of Tangier from this website. We arrived on the Star Clipper. Ahmed was waiting for us dockside as we disembarked the ship. His English is excellent, he used a microphone in the van so we could hear well. The air conditioner in the van worked great. His knowledge about Tangier and Morocco is extensive. He was very professional and friendly. He attended to our needs and questions without hesitation.
We didn't want a 30 person tour . We wanted a very personal tour for the six of us and we got it.Ahmed provided us with many insights into his country and it's people. We went places with him we wouldn't have otherwise. We always felt safe. He shook hands with many local people along our walking route ,he obviously knows a lot of locals and is well regarded by them.
I recommend him without any hesitation.

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, Spain, Vejer, 2011-06-01

I live in Spain and have been to Tangiers several times but only yesterday did I enjoy a tour for the first time where I didn't feel hastled and under pressure to buy anything. Phew. It was the first time I'd been on a tour where I felt that no one was trying to make money out of you.The day was more cultural than about shopping.Ahmed arranged a fantastic day with his friend Aziz as it was last minute and he already had a tour booked. 2 things we did that were new to me were a visit to the Cave of Hercules (amazing)and a visit inside the Church of St Andrew's with the caretaker. A fantastic example of where East meets west. Also a wonderful lunch at a restaurant called something beginning with H!?!?!? Ahmed and Aziz will know.

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, United States, Chicago, 2011-01-02

Ahmed, or Taoumi as he likes to be called, was a very professional and knowledgeable guide. His love of Morocco and Tangier is evident, and for all his years as a guide, 30 he said, he does not seemed to have lost his love of what he does. He delivered all he promised by email and more. We were met at the port as planned, he took us to our hotel to check in, and for a tour around Tangier, and along the Atlantic to see the caves, ride camels and to the town of Assilah, timing it perfectly to be at the look out point in Assilah for sunset, without even mentioning that to us. As our boys were hungry there, he sat us down for a drink in a cafe, and promtly returned with some homemade sandwiches from another friend/shop nearby. He deliverd us back to our hotel in the Medina, all with a brand new comfortable van and driver, and took care of any details/questions with the hotel before departing. He met us at breakfast the next morning, as cheerful as always, helped us check out and fill in paperwork to ext on the ferry, and then took us on a walking tour of the Kasbah, marketplace, some stores we requested, etc. He was never pushy and always allowed us to chose our destinations and preferences. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I don't usually write reviews, but he deserves it, he is a true pro.

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, USA, Greenville, SC, 2010-04-18

Ahmed Taumi met us on the dock when we had 5 or 6 hours in port. Our ship was 3 or 4 hours late getting to Tangier due to high winds, but he was waiting for us on arrival with a modern mini-van and Driver. His driving and walking tour were the highlight of a ten day visit to Portugal, Morroco and Spain. His knowledge, love of country and experience made for a great tour.

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, USA, Lawrence, KS, 2010-03-27

To put it simply, Ahmed Taoumi is your ticket to a perfect day in Tangier.
I was planning a trip to Spain for my wife and our three children. I was very interested in taking the ferry across to Tangier but was not sure of the best way to make it a success. I did not want to be part of a large group staring out of a big bus nor did I want to walk off of the ferry and face a gauntlet of would-be “guides.” I decided I needed to find a private guide who could meet us and take care of everything and after much research, chose Ahmed.

After crossing the Mediterranean and getting off of the ferry, there was Ahmed waiting for us as he said he would and from then on we had an absolutely wonderful day. I wanted a guide that would show us as much as possible of Tangier in a day, would keep my family safe and would not be constantly trying to take us places to buy things. Ahmed met these expectations and so much more.

He has a tremendous amount of pride in his country and has a passion for introducing new people to its modern face as well as its fascinating and beautiful past. We went places where I probably would not have been comfortable going had we not been accompanied by Ahmed. However, with him we felt less like nosey Westerners and more like invited guests. As we followed Ahmed around, my children were asking if he knew everyone in Tangier as he was greeting all sorts of people and it was clear that he was respected and liked.

As we boarded the ferry to return to Spain, we had to laugh because we realized that we had not bought anything except a wonderful lunch. We actually wished we had asked to be taken to some place to buy a few things but we had expected that we would need to keep our guard up from being taken to too many “special” places. With Ahmed, you have someone proudly displaying his home and not someone who is worrying about a commission from every sale.

If you are not the type of traveler who enjoys large tour groups and you are not the type who enjoys throwing your family into strange places without some sort of plan, Ahmed is absolutely who you want for Tangier and Morocco. Our family treasures our day with Ahmed.

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, USA, Leland, Mississippi, 2009-07-21

Toumi was an excellent tour guide. Our family of eight were all exceptionally pleased. The tour was highly informative and very professionally conducted. He showed us everything that we could have expected to see in the few hours that we utilized his services. We felt safe and secure with him, his driver, and his associate in the kasbah. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to take a guided daytrip to Tangiers. Thanks Toumi.

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, Canada, Toronto, 2009-05-11

Ten of us took a one day tour with Ahmed, we took the 0900 ferry from Tarifa and departed the same day at 1700. We were met at the port by Ahmed and he took us on an air conditioned coach for a ride through the city and out in to the countryside. We saw all parts of the city, took a camel ride, saw the Grotto of Hercules, the Casbah, the Medina and had a wonderful lunch, and needless to say, the ladies shopped. We took a tour of a museum in the Casbah,and and sampled bread baked by a communal baker.
Ahmed took ten seasoned travellers and gave them all a wonderful tour. As we took the ferry back to Tarifa, to a person they all raved about the tour, and how we were treated.
Ahmed's explanations of the city, country and culture were very interesting, and informative.
The bus driver was very courteous, and we could leave our belongings on the bus while we toured. When we arrived at the Casbah, Ahmed's associate joined us to ensure that ur journey through the more crowded parts of the city were enjoyable, as it is easy for a group to split up.
One of the most impressive thngs for me, as the group coordinator, was that Ahmed delivered everything he promised. We emailed back and forth a number of times before we arrived to iron out details, and Ahmed was very good with his suggestions and we were given a wonderful tour at a price I thought was vey good.
Now my comments may sound like I am on Ahmed's payroll, but the truth is that I never met him before we arrived at the port, and I booked over the internet, and you are never quite sure what you will get. I have been on a lot our guided tours, and this was the best.

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, United States, Rochdale, 2009-04-12

Taoumi Ahmed provided for our family a tour that was tailored to fit our needs, taking into account our time frame as well as our interest. His approach was proactive and anticipatory. He was extremely knowledgable of the history as well as the various cultures that make up Tangier. As someone who is employed in the tourism industry, I realize that it is the unusual guide that has all the attributes that Taoumi Ahmed demonstrated during our tour. Our experience with Taoumi Ahmed was absolutely outstanding in all aspects.

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, USA, Columbia, 2009-03-19

Mr. Ahmed Taoumi was the perfect tour guide for my time in Tangier. Not did I feel secure with Mr. Taoumi, but he was extremely informative on all aspects of Moroccan culture, politics, and history. I highly recommend his services and would hire him again.

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, United States of America, Rochdale, MA, 2009-03-09

I have taken Mr. Taoumi's tour twice, and both times were unforgettable experiences. This is a great way to experience Morocco because Mr. Taoumi lets you choose what you want to see, but at the same time is knowledgeable and informative throughout the entire tour. He goes above and beyond, was kind and made us feel secure.
I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see Morocco through the eyes of someone who is not only thoroughly educated about the area, but is extremely proud of it as well.