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Morocco Tangier
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Charif - Private Guide in Tangier
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Customer's Opinions about guide from Tangier, Morocco

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, USA, Memphis, Tennessee, 2011-03-10

Hello Charif Idrissi, my family wanted to thank you for our wonderful tour of Tangier. We all agree that we had the best time with you last week in Tangier than any where else on our cruise! I've attached a few photos for you. We enjoyed a relaxed, comfortable day seeing the sights with you and loved our lunch at the Casbah palace so much, it was the best away from the crowds. We all had a terrific time and you taught us so much about your beautiful city"Tangier". Our photos were terrific and we now have such great memories. I have five friends who are going to be on the Louis Majesty cruise that will stop in Tangier within the next couple of weeks. they would love to meet and spend the half day touring with you. One of them, Susan Brumfield, will contact you with specific dates and times. I'm sure that they would enjoy both walking & driving tour. I will give them your contact information so they can make arrangements. When I get caught up, I will write a review for the other Cruises so hopefully you will get a lot more business in the not to distant future.. Please feel free to use us as a reference for your great tours!

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, BraziL, Brasilia, 2011-03-08

My wife and I want to thank TangierTour private Company for arranging our recent visit to Morocco.

The Riads/hotels were all wonderful. We especially want to commend our private guide Khalid, who was very professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The guide was well prepared professional who answer all our questions on history as well as on modern Morocco lifestyle. Coming from such a different culture - South America - we had many questions.

Khalid listened to what we wanted to do, offered suggestions and then, once we made a decision, made things happen. Long drives are difficult, but Khalid knew when to engage us in conversation, when to leave us to our own thoughts and conversations and when to make suggestions for activities that he thought we would enjoy.

We also want to thank Abdelhamid Idrissi for his suggestions on modifying some of my original thoughts about what we wanted to do. All of his suggestions added to our enjoyment of our time in Morocco.

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, United States, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, C, 2011-02-16

Charif Idrissi(Abdelhamid) was our private tour guide in Tangier-Morocco for full day. he is a gem! He met us at the cruise ship pier and was waiting for our party with a Comfort A.C van as we stepped off the ship. We had a group of eight including a grandfather and teenagers. he paced the tour and having him made the Tangier trip even better. Our expectations were exceeded. Highly recommended, Charif is wonderful!

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, Institute of Technology, USA, Georgia, 2011-02-14

Hello, Before I start, This is an exclusive private tour guide that I would highly recommend anyone use when they travel to Morocco.

Most of his business is done by word of mouth and referrals, and after touring with him we now know why!

My wife and I were doing a trip for our honeymoon with Morocco being one of our stops. We saw all the glossy tour guide brochures at the travel agents but we took the word of a friend that said [don't bother with those, use the guide we had and you will be very happy].

Our friend had used Abdelhamid Idrissi about 3 years ago and still had his business card. We got in touch with Mr. Idrissi via email and with his advice, we tailored some great tours that suited us. He helped us plan our itinerary, answered all our questions, advised us on where to go (and where not to go) and what we could fit in our schedule.

Abdelhamid even arranged our transport to and from the airport, which I also recommend. He was always on time too, Actually, he wasn't on time, he was always early!

These tours are not your average, impersonal bus tours, They are private tours with only your party. The best part is that there is never any rush, we are free to do and see what we like and everything is flexible to suit our needs. Abdelhamid is also well educated as an Academic Tour Guide with many years of experience and speaks excellent English.

During the tour you will always be accompanied by your guide and it feels like you are actually traveling together as a couple of friends seeing the sights. We had two full days while in Tangier, Here are some of our highlights and some recommendations:

Of course, the Caves of Hercules(Neolithic Era), they are a spectacle. We didn't have to queue up and went inside for as long as we wanted. Camel ride...You have to ride a camel in Morocco!..Tangier Berber Souks(market) Casbah palace & Medina where you will find a very old Mosque, Jewish Synagogue, Christian Church, Overall, we had an amazing time and we would be calling Abdelhamid on our next Moroccan adventure!! We are experienced independent travelers, and still we had an exceptional trip with Him. He helped us take care of one of our party who became sick, he adjusted our itinerary for us when we had a whim, and we saw his love of Morocco through his eyes. It was amazing.

And we think that knowing Abdelhamid helped us better understand the people of Morocco - not just the sights. Maybe He is unique, but maybe most Moroccans are just as intelligent, funny and kind. We began to think so.

Abdelhamid is a small independent Academic - he does not represent a big Company. He depends on word of mouth for his livelihood. a small businessman working very hard to earn a living while Competing against very big tour Companies. John d. Edwards
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

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, USA, Portland, 2010-07-25

Everything was great and will use you again in the future definitely. Glad we have found a reliable private tour-guide service with such great Customer Service.

Charles, Portland, OR USA 06/21/2010

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, PA USA, Philadelphia, 2007-09-19

Just returned from a 12-night cruise on the Millenium which featured a stop in Tangier. We had a private guide (for 8 people) arranged by one of our Cruise Critic people. Our guide was Abdel and he was AMAZING! DH and I were a little leery about Morocco but LOVED our experience, especially the Camel ride! Abdel can tailor the tour to your wants.
Check it out and email him with any questions. Medina literally means "city", now used for the original Arab part of any Moroccan town. And a souk is a market or bazaar. Also Kasbah (as in "Come with me to the Kasbah") simply means the fortified part of the city.