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Morocco Tangier
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Aziz - Private Guide in Tangier
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Customer's Opinions about guide from Tangier, Morocco

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, Canada, Toronto, 2018-10-11

The guide met us off the ferry. He was very imformative telling us many interesting facts about the various sites. He followed the itinerary exactly. Lunch was very good. The driver was prompt always meeting us when needed. We would definitely recommend private guides .

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, United States, Dallas, 2018-05-21

Aziz met our party of four at the ferry terminal in Tangier and put us in the capable hands of Mohammad for the day. Mohammad was a delight - he was informative, educational, and fun! His pride in his country and city were evident. I know there are parts of Tangier that we would never have visited on our own, without being under Mohammad's capable guidance. I would HIGHLY recommend touring with Aziz and Mohammad if you will be making a trip to Tangier, Morocco. Our day in Tangier was the highlight of our trip !

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, United States, Plymouth, MI, 2018-05-12

We had a wonderful day until we created a self inflicted problem (lost item in the van). Our guide and company were so helpful in resolving our problem (found and arranged return of the lost item - across the straits to Tarifa), that we cannot say enough about how great they were!

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, Canada, Toronto, 2018-04-18

Highlight of our trip! Setting up the tour was easy on the Private Guides website. Aziz responded promptly to our requests and questions. We had a list of places we wanted to visit and there was no problem: we got to see them on our tour. We didn't want to shop, just visit and that was okay with our guide. Morad was so pleasant, agreeable and knowledgeable. We had the best time! The cost was reasonable and so worth it. A private tour is certainly the way to go!

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, usa, toano, 2009-12-15

Aziz met us at the Ferrie and greeted us warmly. We had a comfortable van with a/c and also a driver which gave Aziz the uninterrupted freedom to tell us all about his home country and the town of Tangier. Aziz is very knowledgable in the history of his country and extremely well educated. It was a pleasure to be guided by him. He is also very personable and at all times professional. We had a great day and saw places we would not have seen with a big tour bus etc. It was well worth it and if you want someone great contact Aziz. He will do what he can to make your trip a wonderful memory.

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, Slovenia, Ravne, 2009-09-15

I liked Morocco very much! and Tangier especially! Aziz planned our tour very carefully and we just enjoyed! Thanks a lot that you included in our tour - visit of Hercules caves! They remained lasting impression! the fact that these caves were formed by the sea water during many hundred years amazes! They looked like innocent and great at the same time. I liked our tour very much. Hope that I visit Morocco once again to enjoy its beauties!

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, Finland, Helsinki, 2009-08-21

To know something about Morocco it's needed to feel deeply how its cities are different! Even the walls of medinas are different in each of the moroccan city.
Thank our guide Aziz Benami for the perfectly organised tour. Thank you for your responsiveness and colossal work you did to make us feel good!

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, Croatia, Split, 2009-07-20

We used services of a private guide Aziz Benami - and remained very pleased. Well organized tour. We liked the Rif mountains - very beautiful. Tetouan and Chefchaoen are full with spanish charm. Morocco left an unforgettable impression.

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, Spain, Palma, 2009-07-12

The first and the last impression about the country - super! excellent! perfect climate, wonderful service, exotism - I understood that I come back here once more! Morocco is a country of dream, fairy-tales, hopes, fulfilment of wishes, all what you feel, and what you breathe. Thank Aziz Benami for this excellent tour. I will remember it forever.

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, Belgium, Bruges, 2009-06-19

Our private guide Aziz Benami is very handsome, very clever, very talented, with amazing sense of humour. During our remarkable golf tour, he always found time for us! He was never tired and was ready to help us in any questions at any time. We played golf in the best places of Morocco! Thank you very much for a very informative tour.

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, Ireland, Dublin, 2009-05-29

Tangier is a unique city, where the enormous amount of sights was saved till nowadays. Majestic the old Kasbah, famous markets of Morocco - they are so interesting and amazing! Aziz is a very professional tour guide, and his excursion is professionally planned.

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, Scotland, Elgin, 2009-05-18

our Tour "Fez and Tangier" was very interesting and informative due to our private guide Aziz Benami. Very professional organization.
We had excursions in Fez and Tangier - they are the real treasury of moroccan culture. There are ancient palaces and ruinous walls, and wonderful eastern markets. These markets amaze me so much! The smell of spicery makes me crazy! excellent!

1 5 5
, Croatia, Zagreb, 2009-05-13

Excellent, professional and charismatic, very helpful with good organizational skills. Thanks to him my experience with the group in Morocco was a pleasent one !!! Bravo Aziz!!

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, Sweden, Eskilstuna, 2009-04-17

Actually we visited many beautiful cities of Morocco - Casablanca, Marrakesh, Tangier, Rabat...but Fez.. very beautiful Fez is a real Venice of the desert. The most exotic, outrageous, authentic medieval city, guarded by UNESCO. Crumbling buildings are near age-old Arabic palaces. Steadily crumbling, stone buildings some time will disappear in sands, as Venice with the lapse of time will submerge in the sea...

Thank you, Aziz Benami that now I know what Beauty is.

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, USA, Salt Lake City, 2009-03-16

Our tour with Aziz Benami Fez and Tangier was wonderful! I will remember it forever! Aziz planned an unforgettable rest for us.
Tangier is the most beautiful city in Morocco! So many wonderful places and emotions!
Fez lets us roam its labyrinths of the medieval streets, opening every time something new of this magnificent town. Fez is real heart of Morocco.
Our tour was remarkable! Thank you Aziz.

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, Australia, Canberra, 2009-03-09

Tangier is amazing city! with all its sights, cuisine, Berber atmosphere of life! I liked to travel with Aziz very much!
Fresh air, orange juice and tender sun - life seems so wonderful while I am in Morocco! Want to visit this magic country once more and get one more portion of Berber happiness.

1 5 5
, Switzerland, Basel, 2009-02-11

Beautiful old Tangier welcomes us with its traditional white and blue houses and slender minarets and luxurious palaces at the same time! Aziz Benami - thank you for your excellent work! We now know all beautiful places of Tangier. We didn't only see them but knew a lot of historic facts - you told us about them! You are a very professional guide.

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, Poland, Czestochowa, 2009-01-28

Aziz, I want to say thank you. Me and my wife spent wonderful vocation with you - professional, clever and honest private guide.

In our tour most of all we liked in old Fez Medersa Bou Inania, theological college. And near it, Jewish town Fes el-Jdid. They are very effective and graceful to our mind.

Also some words about Rabat - we think that it's the most clean city and though Rabat is a capital, but it's a wonderful peaceful city on the ocean side.

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, Denmark, Horsens, 2009-01-13

Tangier is a surprising Moroccan small town where you feel the closeness of Spain. Here nowadays you can still hear spanish and they prepare spanish dishes. Aziz Benami showed us this beautiful town of the magic country Morocco. We are so glad that used the opportunity to travel with the private guide. Thank you Aziz Benami.

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, United States, Throop, Pennsylvania, 2008-10-13

This October (2008),I travelled to Morocco for the first time. I travelled with my wife and 5 friends. We all feel that instead of hiring a guide, we made a friend in Aziz. There is no way we would have seen all the things we did without Aziz showing us the way. We had glimpses of private Royal Palaces,a tour of the Souk and the Kasbah, and even a camel ride. During the day Aziz introduced us to many people who really made us feel welcome. This would not have been possible had we been on our own, or on a "big public tour."
One of our requests was to have a real Moroccan meal. The place Aziz took us to was great. It had real ambiance, live traditional music and great food. It was also at a very reasonable cost. We highly reccomend Aziz Benami for any trip to Morocco! Thanks Aziz, keep in touch!

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, Macedonia, Tetovo, 2008-08-26

Morocco is very colourful! I liked almost everything! very original, modern and elegant at the same time. For a trip in Tangier we used the services of a private guide - Aziz Benami and didn't regret. Aziz is very clever man, made for us a very interesting tour. During our walking tour we visited all main sights of Tangier. In the evening we were tired, but very happy.

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, Luxembourg, Bettembourg, 2008-08-25

Our tour was perfectly organized by Aziz! Thank you! You took into account all our wishes and we were very pleased by the tour itself! There will be forever the majesic city Fez in my memory! It's so old, perfect and uunforgettable! Casablanca surprised its modern style of life - it looks like a european city! very nice! Tangier amazed with its calmness and beauty.
Tour is very interesting! Thank you Aziz!

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, Switserland, Monthey, 2008-01-31

Dear Aziz,

I like to thank you in the name of all 5 people for the very nice days we`ve spent in Tangier. Since one week we are back home and we will never forget those days.
I will always recommend your great services to everyone who might be interested to come to your country.
Othmar Wigger

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, United States of America, Los Angeles, 2007-12-17

Having an ethical, dedicated professional tour guide that one can trust in a foreign country gives a welcome sense of security in today's world. We want to commend you for your efforts on our amazing trip. Your personal care is greatly cherished & your attention to detail and relentless determination in making sure we were happy and satisfied.
We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service you provided us. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct your business.
We are very grateful for the way you have cared for our family. You went to great lengths to help us from the moment we arrived in Morocco until we left. Many special thanks to you for a wonderful job. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly priceless. It gives our family great joy to have met you. We will be recommending you to others because of our satisfaction with your service; since such service builds great working relationships we look forward to doing business with you for years to come.
Warm regards,
The Azencot family- Los Angeles