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Almendres Cromlech Evora Portugal : Tours and Excursion

The Cromlech of the Almendres megalithic complex, also referred to as Almendres Cromlech, is situated in close proximity to Guadalupe, and in municipality of Évora.  A guide in Evora can lead you to this absolutely awesome landmark.  This structure is the biggest of the prevailing collection of arranged menhirs, which are upright stones, in the Iberian Peninsula.

A guide in Portugal will assist you with your itinerary can bring you here.  Almendres Cromlech is one of the largest of this kind in all of Europe. This particular archaeological site is made up of a number of megalithic structures that contain cromlechs in addition to menhir stones. It is a common belief that the monument had a religious and ceremonial purpose or served as a primitive astronomical observatory. Tours in Evora can show tourists this complex that is fashioned in a circular design and is marked by a forest of somewhere around 95 granite monoliths that are deposited in small accumulations.  

There are approximately a dozen monoliths existing with some sort of carved drawings. This attraction should not be overlooked upon an excursion to Evora, Portugal.  One of our private guides in Evora will be sure this site is not forgotten.

Almendres Cromlech: Private tours and Excursions.