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Cathedral of Evora Evora Portugal : Tours and Excursion

The Cathedral of Evora is one of the oldest and most significant monuments in the entire city of Evora, positioned in lovely Portugal.  It is situated at the highest point of the city and tours in Evora can bring you there. This first building was enlarged around 1280-1340 to be fashioned in early Gothic style. It is the largest of the primitive cathedrals in Portugal that a private guide in Evora can show tourists.  

Additionally, this amazing cathedral is one of the greatest illustrations of Gothic architecture.  The core facade of Evora Cathedral was constructed with beautiful rose granite and resembles very similarly to the Lisbon Cathedral.  It has two huge towers that border an entrance gallery which engulfs the key portal. Over the narthex sits is a large window with Gothic design that illuminates the interior.  

Each tower has a different pointed pinnacle and one of them enclosed with old-fashioned colored tiles. The lantern-tower above the crossing is very scenic as it contains a row of windows that radiate the atmosphere with light.  This Cathedral is nothing less than magnificent in its appearance.  An excursion in Evora is a wonderful experience especially when led by a guide in Evora.

Cathedral of Evora: Private tours and Excursions.