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Giraldo Square Evora Portugal : Tours and Excursion

Evora, Portugal is a fantastic vacation destination.  A private guide in Evora can show you marvelous attractions such as Giraldo Square.  Evora provides one of the most striking and comprehensive Old Town settings in Europe.  

The long-standing walled fortress of Evora remains to this day at the very core of the city, customarily as well as geologically.  The expansive Giraldo Square is bordered on four sides by a number of the most remarkable examples of gothic and Romanesque construction on the Iberian Peninsula.  Your guide in Evora can explain important information about Giraldo Square. There is an assortment of religious buildings in addition to antique palaces gathered around the beautiful cobbled chief area and fountain that pedestrians are drawn to time and time again. Giraldo Square is a place where locals meet in order to socialize and gaze at the nearby happenings. It is a preferred starting point for guests who wish to take a tours in Evora during their trip to Portugal.  

There are a number of bed and breakfast hotels as well as shops which make it ideal for tourists who want to stay in the center of the action. An excursion in Evora makes for wonderful memories.

Giraldo Square: Private tours and Excursions.