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Igreja de Sao Francisco Evora Portugal : Tours and Excursion

Why not take a trek with a private guide in Evora. With so many great attractions to see, this is a terrific idea. The Igreja de Sao Francisco, translated as Church of St. Francis, is situated in Evora, Portugal.  A tours in Evora can include viewing this large church that was erected in Gothic elegance. It is truly unique because of its entrance hall with galleries in front of the church.

There are seven arches with different arrangements which is a characteristic mixture of Gothic and Moorish features.  This church contains a very massive vault.  The well-known father of Portuguese drama, Gil Vicente, is buried on the left side of the entrance.

On the side altar Flemish paintings can be observed. The chancel with the central altar, constructed at a later time, shows Renaissance traits.  However, the choir compartments were manufactured using different styles of art, the right one fashioned in Renaissance style, and the left, Baroque.

The altars are decorated with golden sculpture work and the sides of the nave consist of twelve exposed chapels assembled between the supports of the wall. An excursion in Evora with your guide in Evora can gladly lead you to this gorgeous church.

Igreja de Sao Francisco: Private tours and Excursions.