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Berlin - Like Night and Day

Berlin, Germany, is a city full of hidden beauty. While day tourists can enjoy walking tours, hop-on hop-off bus tours, visit gorgeous palaces, and even tour the Holocaust Museum, there is a darker side to Berlin most tourists are never aware of. Nor do they know what they are missing.

During the day, tour a variety of places, learning about the haunted past and various architectural beauties within Berlin, like:

Brandenburg Gate – A historic symbol of East and West Germany. It was here Ronald Reagan stated, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Reichstag – The restored building selected as the seat of Parliament in Berlin and the capital building of a reunited Germany.

Holocaust Memorial and Museum – A monument to the history and lives lost during the Holocaust.

Charlottenburg Palace – The largest palace in Berlin, built by Elector Friederich III in 1699 for his wife Sophie Charlotte.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum – A record of the Cold War years and the many escape attempts by citizens trying to reach West Germany. 

Pergamon Museum – Named for the Greek City bearing the same name, this museum houses three entire museums’ worth of archaeological artifacts.

There are so many sights to keep you busy each day, you will never want to leave.

But what about those evenings when you would like to blow off some steam, explore the darker side, and see what the real nightlife is like? Look into Berlin’s underground, the likes of which most tourists never see, but many would love to. From street art that will astound to pub crawls and great nightclubs, Berlin will keep you dancing and enjoying the atmosphere with friends and locals.  A few nightclubs we recommend include: 

Berghain/Panorama Bar – Picked as one of the top “Best Clubs in the World” on DJ Magazine’s annual list each year, it draws dance club aficionados from around the world.

Salon Zur Wilden Renate – Called simply “Renate,” but famous worldwide, this wild club is a dilapidated house with every aspect of haunted spookiness leering from creepy corners.

Weekend – A club situated in the former Soviet tower, Haus des Reisens. You will want to dance until the sun comes up, enjoying their roof and terrace bars. 

It does not stop there. For people who can appreciate the darker side of life, and death, there are underground bunkers and catacombs, historic synagogues like the New Synagogue, and even the Berlin Dungeon available for you to see and tour. While the dungeon has actors reenacting events in Berlin’s historic dungeon, the cruel truths these buildings were used for and survived will stay with you forever. 

To enjoy any of these night or day events, take a tour with one of our private guides, or hire one to develop a tour with your interests in mind. At Private Guides, our local tour guides will help make your vacation truly unique. 

Article author: Weston Kincade

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