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best time to call ?
I'm here California.
10 of cruise travelers wish to tour 5,6 days from Rome to Milano, Cinque Terre and Assisi.
We want to know how much cost your guide with your motor couch please.
Rafael 12/29/2021
Private Guide-Driver in Florence
Gianmaria (Private Guide-Driver in Florence) 12/30/2021:
2 Vans following each other please consider 1540 Euro per day all inclusive (total for 10 passengers) (parking tolls fuel, accommodation for the driver, room and board, tips for the drivers not included).
Our office number is +39.346.6233326, please talk with us and we can arrange every detail!
Alessandro, could you show me and my brother around Syracusa on Friday? We are staying in Ortigia.
Adam 12/2/2021
Private Guide in Siracusa
Alessandro (Private Guide in Siracusa) 12/3/2021:
Good morning, yes it would be a pleasure to show you Siracusa, but I'm not available on Friday. Could we do on Thursday morning?

Let me know,

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are you free? we used you probably more than a decade ago, but are coming back to rome
richard 4/15/2019
Private Guide in Rome
Katja (Private Guide in Rome) 4/15/2019:
Hello Richard, I am so happy to see that you found me! When will you be coming? Please tell me more details! Thank you, Katja
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Is it possible to see Eurialo Fortress in November? If not when? Thank you, Thomas
Thomas 10/11/2017
Private Guide in Siracusa
Alessandro (Private Guide in Siracusa) 10/12/2017:
Dear Thomas,

No, it's closed now, so I think it will be also closed in November.

All the best,

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Would you please direct me (or inform me ) towards the people (or institution ) responsible for delivering tour guidides licences in Venice?
IOANNIS 11/5/2014
Private Guide in Venice
Fiona (Private Guide in Venice) 11/5/2014:
thanks for your request.

there is not an institution deliving a licence, but there is an exam/competition to pass in order to be able to work as a guide.

the institute in charge of the exam is the
provincia di Venezia

kind regards
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Good morning Fiona... What is a good time to visit Venice and avoid the crowds? I am more interested in a "every day real life" experience in Venice, not the tourist experience so to speak... Im looking for the nooks and cranies of REAL LIFE in every day Venice...

Thank you and have a wonderful day
Toni 8/12/2014
Private Guide in Venice
Fiona (Private Guide in Venice) 8/12/2014:
thanks for your email !

well the quietest time of the year is January ...
from May to October Venice tends to be very busy, especially over the weekend.

I remain at your disposal

kind regards
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Dear Fabrizio . how much are you going to charge me for 3 hour tour in Pompeii ? Family of four . thank you
Igor 1/28/2014
Private Guide in Naples
Fabrizio (Private Guide in Naples) 1/30/2014:
Hello Igor,

this is Fabrizio from Sorrento.

My hourly fee is €50 per hour.
For a 3 hrs walking tour in Pompeii I can offer you € 135 flat, to be paid on tour.

Admission fees in Pompeii is € 11 per person, kinds under 18 go free.

Please feel free to ask for questions or info,

Is the cost of the tour 130 Euros each person, or 130 Euros split between the number in our party?
Private Guide in Venice
Fiona (Private Guide in Venice) 4/8/2013:
thanks for your email !

the cost is per tour, NOT per person...
so 65 E an hour for at least 2 !

I remain at your disposal
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I have a party of 7 looking to take a day trip from Montecatin to Milan. Do you offer this service and what would be the cost. We need an English speaking guide, familair with waht should be seen in Milan.
Randolph Baldwin 7/17/2011
Private Guide-Driver in Florence
Gianmaria (Private Guide-Driver in Florence) 7/18/2011:
Yes, all drivers speak fluent english and know very well Milan area.

Price for Mercedes Van - Full day - 7 people - round trip is 1500 Euro.

Hello, I long to visit Italy and I wish to see the Infiorata, the flower art festival.
Can you please tell me in which cities can I see the Infiorata and during which months is this event held? Also can you suggest me some interesting city sightseeing? Thanks, Amandaa
Amanda 2/16/2011
Private Guide in Venice
Rossana (Private Guide in Venice) 2/22/2011:
The Infiorata does not take place in Venice. You'd better ask this questions or contact a tour guide of Rome through
Best regards.

Italy Segway Tours (Private Guide) 2/17/2011:
Dear Amanda,
the "Infiorata" festival is usually held in spring time in so many Italian cities. The most famous are Spello (Umbria), Genzano (Roma), Noto (Sicily) and others.

Simone Biglieri (Private Guide) 2/16/2011:
NOTO (SR) from 13 May 2011 to 15 May 201The Flowered Scala (Third Sunday in May First Sunday in June)
Caltagirone for several years in May, dedicated to the Devotion of the Virgin Mary, the steps (known as the Scala) offer another particular show when they are embellished with flowers or ˝Infiorata.
Dear Amanda, above when the "infiorata is in Sicily" please find yourself free to ask me further questions.
Thank you, Simone Biglieri

Private Guide-Driver in Florence
Gianmaria (Private Guide-Driver in Florence) 2/16/2011:
Hello, the "Infiorata" as I know is in many italian cities and in different periods.You should do a reserch on internet for more informations about it.We provide excursions in Tuscany, Rome and Naples.Thanks.
I want to be able to visit the most popular cities in Italy such as Rome, Venice, and others but I am unsure of how I’d do so. Is there public transportation available to take me into all of these different cities or would it be easiest to rent a car for the week of my vacation?
Merlin Rowe 1/31/2011
Private Guide in Florence
Massimo (Private Guide in Florence) 2/17/2011:
I can provide as a driver-guide for your private tour of Italy. I own a Mercedes-Benz sedan (up to 3 people) and a Mercedes-Benz van (up to 8 people). If requested I can also provide for your accomodations in the major cities you'll visit, museums, restaurants and more...
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Italy Segway Tours (Private Guide) 2/17/2011:
In my opinion the quickest and the best way to visit the most important cities in Italy is the train. The "Frecciarossa" train is very fast and you can reach different cities in a couple of hours. Maybe it's a little bit expensive, but I think it's the best solution. Bye!

Private Guide-Driver in Florence
Gianmaria (Private Guide-Driver in Florence) 2/1/2011:
The easiest and fastest way to visit the main spots of the cities wish to go, is undoubtedly by car/van with drivers that know all the areas as we have special permits to drive anywhere, very close to monuments, museums,

If you are a group of 6/8 people is very convenient.

Let me know if you need further informations,

Kind Regards, Gianmaria Mariti GM Chauffeurs Italy

Marco Pontuali (Private Guide) 1/31/2011:
The high speed train is the cheapest solution. It really depends on your needs and also on how many pieces of luggage you will be travelling with.
A possible option is also renting a private car, even without a driver if you love adventours. you might even consider to hire a guide to help you out with the directions and some stops to make along the way wich are worth a visit. Also, some guide centers (like mine) provide discounted tickets for the trains when you buy their services).
Hope that was helpful.
I wish you a fantastic trip to my beautiful and ancient country. All the best, Marco Pontuali.

Private Guide in Venice
Rossana (Private Guide in Venice) 1/31/2011:
Hallo! If I were you I would rather take the train: they are not cheap but they take you right to the Italian city centres: in Florence, Rome and Rome the railway station is in the city heart.
If you need a tourist guide in Venice please contact me!

Private Guide in Florence
Cristina (Private Guide in Florence) 1/31/2011:
Well, yes, there are the trains, check the web site:
anyways, let me know if you need my services in Florence.
Thanks Cristina
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Private Guide in Florence
Massimo (Private Guide in Florence) 1/31/2011:
Hi. Why don't you rent a driver with sedan for your private tour of Italy?
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