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Martino Rizzi - Private Guide in Venice

Private Guide in Venice
 Member Since 2012  Country: Italy City: Venice Airport Transfer: NO Hotel Reservation: NO Translation Service: NO Languages: Italian, English and Spanish

Languages: Italian, English and Spanish

Venice is certainly one of the most popular destinations in Italy. Private guide in Rome. And having a private guide in this extraordinary place is a good way to make your visit even more interesting and entertaining. 

My name is Martino Rizzi, a licensed professional guide who will gladly accompany you in Venice and the surrounding islands of the Lagoon, engaging you in the history and beauty of this enchanting city. Professional licensed guide since 2005 I can answer to all sorts of quastions about my city from the origins to the issues of the modern times. Venice is surely one of those places that have history in its every inch and block. For centuries it was one of the most important hubs of the international trades and pilgrimages in the Mediterranean sea and its past glory and wealth can be seen in every structure.

Most people associate Venice with its channels and romantic gondola rides among the exquisite old building. Guide in Rome. Of course, it’s an important part of the local entourage but Venice has so much more to offer. Just tell me what fascinates you the most and I will focus our tour on this topic. Venice has over 1400 years of history, growing from a small settlement to one of the most influential cities of Italy and a major tourist attraction today. It will be my pleasure to share with you on our walk through Venice my knowledge and passion for my city .

Don’t miss this opportunity to have a really comprehensive and entertaining visit to one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world! For a thorough approach to the city I suggest a four hour tour which could include both the Basilica of Saint Mark, the Doge's Palace and the "hidden"Venice walking tour crossing the Grand Canal with the ferry gondolas to reach the Rialto's market.