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Mombasa and The Coast

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From references in Paradise Lost, the Old Testament and in ancient Greek manuscripts we know that even before the time of Christ, the Kenya coast and particularly Mombasa and Malindi were thriving centres of trade. For thousands of years these ports traded in ivory, tortoise shell, rhinocerous horn, peacock, apes and at times slaves. Certainly from 600 B.C. there are definite records of trade with Arabs - resulting in the Swahili language which is a hybrid of Arabic and the local vernacular.

After Vasco da Gama's first visit to the Kenya coast in 1498 there followed a period of Portuguese / Arab struggle for control although in Malindi the Portuguese enjoyed 200 years of friendship with the ruling Arab family. In 1593 the Portuguese commenced the building of Fort Jesus in Mombasa and today it is a monument both to this sea-faring nation and to the nine month siege that broke Portuguese dominance in 1696.

Today, Mombasa and the Kenya coast is an interesting mix of Africa & Arabia with a little Portuguese thrown in. Mombasa is Kenya's second-largest city and the biggest port on the north east coast of Africa. Light and heavy industry is abundant around the town but along the coast tourist facilities are abundant and varied. Those visiting can enjoy quiet beaches shaded by palms and lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. For the active there are water sports, bustling markets & galleries to explore and the history of Mombasa to be toured.

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