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Language: Swahili
Currency: Tanzanian Shilling

Information about Arusha

The capital of the Arusha Region located in northern Tanzania is Arusha. The city is a major international diplomatic hub and is often referred to by locals as ‘A’ town. The town is surrounded by many of Africa’s national parks and landmarks; Mount Meru, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, the Olduvia Gorge, Mount Kilimanjaro and others.

If you are into climbing, Mount Meru can be conquered in 2-4 days. No guides are required but you must be escorted by armed rangers. If you want a comfortable trip, take a guide too as they can provide information on weather, animals, birds and they can help with altitude sickness, carry food and supplies and they can cook meals. Wildlife and camel safaris are popular ways to see the native animals; flamingos, giraffes, zebra, leopards, spotted hyenas and others.


A wide array of markets are located in Arusha and they carry; art, new and second-hand clothes, footwear, accessories, fresh produce, arts and crafts, traditional blankets, livestock, cheese, bread, coffee and tea. Prices are negotiable so speak up or you’ll pay too much. There are many religions in Arusha; Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim people can all be found here. 

Private Guide in Arusha

Private Guide in Arusha - Wakawaka

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Take a lifetime memorable Safari in Tanzania with us. We specializing in ultimate African adventure for families, friends, honeymoons, company Incentives Travel, adventure trekking in wilderness areas as well as mountain climbing to the peaks of both Mt. Kilimanjaro & Mt. Meru.

Private Guide in Arusha

Private Guide in Arusha - Didimus

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We is a legally registered company owned by native Tanzanians who are versed in the art of hospitality. Our company has a wealth of experience in providing services to those who desire a memorable front row travel experience in East Africa.

Travel Agency in Arusha

Travel Agency in Arusha - Medison

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My childhood passion for wildlife led me to becoming a safari guide, where I shared my love for the African wilderness with international travellers. Growing up in Serengeti District where the amazing...

Tour Operator in Arusha

Tour Operator in Arusha - Reuben

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As young passionate and so hungry in working and change the tourism industry in Africa and particular in Tanzania, I decided to specialize in this industry so as to acquire more knowledge and know-how to help and change the industry.

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