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Population: 511,744
Language: English
Currency: Indonesian rupiah

Information about Jogja

Jogja, also known as Yogyakarta, is a city and the capital of Yogyakarta Special Region in Java, Indonesia. It is famous for being the core of classical Javanese fine art and culture, including batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows.  

This abundance of the arts draws in travelers from all over the map.  Jogja has a tropical monsoon climate with a long wet season that lasts from October until June and a short dry season during July, August, and September.  Vacationers are partial to Jogja as a result of its closeness to the renowned Borobudur and Prambanan temples.  Many tourists visit Yogyakarta and then also make plans to take excursions to Borobudur and Prambanan.  Borobudur is proudly the home to the world's largest Buddhist archaeological location.  The city of Jogja possesses a number of museums from the Hindu period which encompass the temple, Candi Prambanan, as well as museums in the royal court, and colonial buildings. 

A fabulous landmark to visit is the historical building of Bank of Indonesia where onlookers are able to gaze with delight at its lovely European architecture.   Situated to the south of Jogja, there are great beaches where tourists can relax in the sun. The closest beach is Parangtritis which offers the option of taking memorable rides in a horse cart along the beach, or going for drives on an ATV.  

Some of the natural beaches in the Gunungkidul area are Pok Tunggal, Jogan, and Indrayanti. Please consider booking Jogja for your upcoming trek.

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My name is KOKO, I am a professional tour guide and tour Consultant since 1994. I have experinced in hundling tour programs both between individual and group. Now I manage own Travel Agent namely Desa Tour and Travel base in Jogja, Indonesia. With an expansive relationship of tourism practitioners in Jogja and other cities in Java are also supported by a reliable personnels make Desa Tour and Travel more and more known in Java.

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