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Language: Italian
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Modica

A city in the Province of Ragusa, Sicily in southern Italy is Modica. Situated in the Hyblaean Mountains the city is part of the UNESCO Heritage Sites in Italy. In 1613 and 1693 the city was ravaged by earthquakes. In 1833 and 1902 the city endured tragic floods.

Through all of the devastation, the city maintained some of the most beautiful architecture you will find anywhere in Sicily. The city produces agricultural products such as; olives, legumes, cattle, cereals and carobs. The pride of Modica is in the famous chocolate they produce, made with an ancient and original Aztec recipe. The city also produces textiles, furniture and cars. Sailing is an activity that many enjoy in Modica.

There are many places where you can find half day or full day tours complete with sailing lessons. Trekking, flight tours and swimming are popular as is visiting the Chiesa di San Giorgio, one of Sicily’s most beautiful baroque churches. This church sits at the top of a 250-step staircase with a three-tiered façade that towers above the alleys of the historic city center.

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