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Population: 790,000
Language: latvian
Currency: Latvian lat (LVL)

Information about Riga

Riga is one of the most populated cities in Northern Europe. It is the capital of Latvia, and is a major seaport located on the Gulf of Riga. The city is a major commercial and industrial hub of the Baltic Sea Region, and is slated to be the European Capital of culture for 2014. 

While summers are warm and humid, winters in Riga can be frigid. Tourism is still an important facet of the area, especially in the medieval Old Town Center which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city is known for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture, with important notable landmarks such as Livu Square and Riga Castle. The Riga Radio and TV Tower is the tallest structure in the Baltic States. Visitors also are drawn to the Freedom Monument, and also enjoy attending the Latvian National Opera, the Latvian State Puppet Theatre and the Riga Russian Theater.

Private Guide in Riga

Private Guide in Riga - Aija Tamsone - Riga Private Tour Guide

(Member Since 2012) Languages: English, Latvian and Russian

Welcome to Riga, the largest city of all the three Baltic States and the capital of Latvia! My name is Aija Tamsone and I will be your Riga private tour guide. This beautiful city has so much to offer and I will gladly assist you in exploring the historically rich center of Riga and its surroundings.

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Travel Agency in Riga - Bona Baltic Tour

(Member Since 2013) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Riga Languages: russian, english

We have different tours and offers - family tours, eco tours, culture and history tours. You can always check the timetable of coming events in Latvia on our website. We try to do our best to keep the info interesting and updated.

Private Guide in Riga

Private Guide in Riga - Ilze Karlsone

(Member Since 2012) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Riga, Sigulda Languages: English,German, Russian,Latvian

My name is Ilze Karlsone and Iím a licensed Riga private tour guide who takes it more than a hobby than a real job. Because enjoying each opportunity to show new visitors how interesting Riga is canít be called a job. Itís a passion. I really love meeting new people from different countries and taking around the most fascinating and picturesque parts of the city. Whether your interests lie in the domain of history and art, or youíre more into social events and night life, Riga has something for all types of guests.

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