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Population: 250,000
Language: Khalkha Mongol
Currency: Togrog/Tugrik (MNT)

Information about Ulaanbaatar

Airport - The majority of visitors arrive in Mongolia through Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ULN), which is located 18 km to the southwest of Ulaanbaatar. The airport was reconstructed in 1990, and the immigration, customs formalities and luggage delivery are relatively efficient.
Shopping - Ulaanbaatar shops and near downtown offer many curios, antiques, artwork and nice traditional clothing. Time is allowed for shopping in Ulaanbaatar and at the tourist camps. There are many duty free shops, where convertible currencies are accepted. Apart from the gift shops in the major tourist hotels, there are a lot of shops in Ulaanbaatar, where traditional artwork, antiques and souvenirs can be purchased, such as in department store.

  • Edelweiss Hotel Mongolia - Peace Avenue 15 A/5,
  • Chinggis Khaan Hotel Mongolia - Tokyo Street 5,
  • Palace Hotel Mongolia - Chinggis Khaan's Avenue 25A, 210136,
  • Puma Imperial Hotel Mongolia - P.O.Box - 571, Sukhbaatar district ,
  • The Continental Hotel Mongolia - Olympic Street, 210648,
  • Ulaanbaatar Hotel Mongolia - Sukhbaatar Square 14, 210645,

  • Anatolia Turkish Restaurant - on the right of Liberty Square
  • GOOD Chinese Food - First floor of Ulaanbaatar Hotel
  • Hazara - next to the Negdelchin Hotel on Peace Avenue, Phone: 455071
  • City Nomads - Sukhbaatar square
  • Millie's - 328 264 100m south of sukhbatar square, behind khanbrau bar.
  • Seoul Restaurant - the south side of the Children's Park.
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