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Customer's Opinions about guide from Split, Croatia

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, United States, New York, 2017-11-13

We had a great day with Kristina on our tour of Split and Trojir. We were a small group of 8 and Kristina was able to help,U.S. Understand the history and culture of the town and country. She was flexible and accommodated all our requests. Her enthusiasm and personality added to a wonderful day. I would highly recommend Kristina when in Croatia.

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, Australia, Wynnum, 2016-05-08

We used this company on three day excursions with Croatia & Bosnia. All excursions were brilliant. We felt safe & the guides were well versed in their history & knowledge of the areas. We would highly recommend them. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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, Mexico, Mexico City, D.F., 2012-09-04

Matt, thank you for your excellent guided tours in Croatia and Slovenia. You are very responsible and a true professional. You made our trip much better than we hoped for! Congratulations! I will recommend you to all our friends.

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, USA, Federal Way, WA, 2012-06-20

In October 2011, my family took a cruise to the Adriatic. I wanted to have Split as a port to visit, as my wife's paternal grandfather emigrated to America from a small town around Split in 1911. She was in Croatia in the 1990's with her parents and got to see where her maternal grandparents came from, meet relatives she never met, etc. but they could not get to Split due to the war in lower Croatia. So when I booked a cruise, I wanted Split on the itinerary. I never told my wife I was trying to get a tour guide for the visit to Split in the hopes the tour guide may be able to take us to the town he was from. All I had to go on was a copy of her grandfather's baptismal certificate in Croatian. I searched for a tour guide online and settled on Matej Tomasevic. I scanned and emailed Matej the certificate. All I had hoped from Matej was just to find the town. When we arrived at the port and I let my wife know we were going with a guide and driver and hoping to find Grandpa's town. We found Matej did WAY MORE. He visited the church on the baptismal certificate, talked the people there, and thru them found some of my wife's family members. Matej spoke perfect English and he brought with him 2 of my wife's relatives (who also spoke perfect English) to meet us. We drove to the church Grandpa was baptized in and found that his parents were married there. We then were driven to the house were my wife's Grandpa was born in, were treated to a lunch with homemade wine and grappa, and given a grand tour of the area. My wife cried like a baby with joy all day. She only wished her father was still alive to see where his father came from.

In a nutshell, Matej went WAY BEYOND any expectations I had when I contacted him. I can recommend him to you without any reservation.

If you want to discuss Matej (or any other ports on our cruise from Venice to Rome) any further with my I can be reached by email.

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, USA, North Liberty, IOWA, 2012-04-08

Hello Matej, Only one week removed from our wonderful experience with you I would like to express our gratefulness for your professionally run operation which we enjoyed very much. It was really great discussing history and politics with you on a trip I will remember fondly for years to come. I found your knowledge of history quite fantastic! Hope to come back soon.


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, USA, Green Bay, WI, 2011-10-19

Matej was our guide in Split/surrounding areas/islands. He is absolutely excellent! He arranged tours in Zadar, Mostor, Dubrovnik and Montegro, as well as transportation. Again, excellent! All of the guides were deep in the history and culture of this beautiful and friendly country (countries!), and had perfect English language skills. We have used private guides extensively in Europe, and Matej was among the best, expecially considering the effort he put forth to coordinate our ten days. Highly recommend Matej!

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, USA, Easton, 2011-10-13

Thank you Matt for organizing our wonderful 7 day tour of Croatia, Bosnia-Hertzegovina, and Montenegro. We are safely home with many memories of towns, mountains, seaports, restaurants, and especially nice people. The guides and drivers that you had selected were a joy to be with. All seemed to know each other and were always waiting for us each day at the appointed time. Hope we are able to travel with you again.

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, Swiss, Bern, 2011-09-29

Hi Matt,
We just returned home yesterday evening after a wonderful trip throughout Croatia. Thank you for organizing Helen for us. She was amazing and greatly enhanced our experience in Croatia. Best wishes!

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, South Africa, Johannesburg, 2011-08-17

We are slowly getting ourselves sorted out with starting to teach and me returning to my part-time job.
It is very difficult settling down after the wonderful two weeks we spent in Croatia which you really made possible. Jill and I both appreciate the special effort that you put into ensuring that every aspect of our tour went smoothly. Nothing seemed to be to much of a problem for you and we enjoyed the times that we spent just chatting about life in Croatia, South Africa and the rest of the world.
We do agree that your country has some of the most spectacular coastline we have seen and the local people were very friendly and hospitable.
Lets hope that our paths will cross again in the future with you either visiting South Africa or us meeting you in somewhere like Istria or Slovenia.

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, Australia, Wynnum Brisbane Queensland, 2011-08-01
Sharyn Macaulay about guide from Split

Matej, emailed to ask if we would supply a testimonial and to be frank, it was VERY rude of us not to just do naturally. We have just returned from the most amazing time in Croatia and Matej's tour was a huge part of it. We had a large family group of 10 people to cater for, so we had varying requirements. Matej was very happy to work with us to obtain the perfect initerary. It wasn't the easiest one I'm sure, but the end result for us was fantastic. Every part of our tour was easy. Every part of the tour just flowed. I can't speak highly enough of Matej. So should you be looking at touring Croatia, can I just say, email Matej, he made our life so easy.
We wish you all the very best Matej and when you come to Australia you must visit us.

Warm Regards
Sharyn Macaulay
Wynnum Queensland Australia

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, USA, Richmond, 2011-06-06

Matej Ц Thanks for giving us a wonderful insight into Croatian culture! With much appreciation Ц Nancy & Elaine

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, USA, MD, Frederick, 2011-05-27

Matej: The tour met and exceeded our expectations. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and courteous.

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, USA, Cortland, NY, 2011-05-24

Dear Mate, hvala! You have been a wonderful guide, teacher and a friend. Sharing from your heart your love of your country and culture made this a very good tour. I especially appreciated your knowledge and humor.

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, USA, Miami, 2011-05-15

We loved our tour. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable about Croatian history and the local culture. We came by ship and by having our private guide, we were able to see the sites on our terms, easily and quickly without being slowed down by a busload of tourists. Thanks a lot and till next time!

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, USA, Jersey City, 2011-05-02

Matej was absolutely wonderful. He is clearly a history buff and incredibly knowledgeable about his homeland, it all showed on our tour. We were with 2 retired educators and we all were very impressed with him. No matter what questions we had he knew the answers-even the offbeat stuff. By far the best tour we took. We were with a 3 year old, Matej was very accommodating with potty breaks and a lunch stop, answered all emails promptly, no problems at all, VERY highly recommended.

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, USA, Providence, 2011-04-28

We have returned safely and are still trying to sort out all we learned on our wonderful trip.
Matt is without a doubt the most knowledgeable and friendliest guide we have ever had. For two days with him in Split and Dubrovnik I learned more than any history publication can give you. When you visit this beautiful country, Matt should be your guide.

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, South Africa, Johannesburg, 2011-04-11

We had the most amazing time at National Park Krka waterfalls. The waterfalls are beautiful and the walk is very easy. On our way home we stopped at the lovely town of Trogir which was also worth while seeing.

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, USA, Seattle, 2011-04-03

Thank you for your wonderful tour of Plitvice waterfalls. What a beautiful place and what an amazing country! You are a great guide and very knowledgeable about the history of Croatia. We couldn't have asked for more!

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, USA, Boston, 2011-03-10

Hi Matej. Thank you very much for making our Dubrovnik tours so wonderful, fun and memorable! We 've loved every minute of our trip to Croatia. Hvala!

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, USA, CA, San Francisco, 2010-11-01

Matt is noticeably proud of his country and Croatians. He is also very well informed about Croatian history, geography, and customs and delighted us with his interesting comments each of our tour days (Dubrovnik, Dalmatian islands and Split) with him. He also has a good sense of humor. Matt was very focused on providing us with safe and exciting experiences. He is a very patient man. The activities, especially those involving interactions with locals, were well-planned, unusual, and enjoyable. I hope to return to Croatia; there is so much more to see in this beautiful country.

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, Canada, Toronto, 2010-10-24


thank you so much for making our trip to Split and Croatian coast so memorable and informative. Your personal knowledge and insight into Croatian and European history helped make this trip very meaningful. We have rated this Croatian trip 10 of 10 and you are responsible for most of that! Good luck in your future career and life!

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, Germany, Berlin, 2010-09-16

I can't thank Matt enough for wonderful trip in Croatia. I enjoyed the tour of Split immensely. He took very good care of me and gone beyond the call of duty! His knowledge of Croatia is incredible and because of him I have a new appreciation of beautiful Croatia. He is a man of many talents and have the gift of working with people. It has been such a pleasure to meet you!
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, USA, Miami, 2010-07-15

We thoroughly enjoyed our short time in Croatia. Our guides in both locations (Split/Trogir and Dubrovnik) were wonderful and we learned a lot about the culture and the history. We were travelling with 2 teenagers who enjoyed the tours as much as we did thanks to the guides who were attentive to their questions, and engaged them in conversations that were of interest to them. In both spots, we had the chance to have a meal that represented the best of the region, and because the guides joined us in both restaurants, we were able to enjoy it in a way that we could not without them. We will come back, and I will contact you to be our guide again. I will also recommend you (and Croatia) to friends looking for a different experience.
Thank you, you and your team made our trip memorable.

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, Hungary, Budapest, 2010-07-04

Dear Matej, we are just back from this excellent Hvar trip and I rush to thank You on behalf of our group Your expertise, helpfulness, not to mention Your vast knowledge and most pleasant personality, which all made a positive impression on everybody. Wishing You a lot of success in Your personal and professional life, sincerely, Your George K.

1 5 5
, VT, USA, Burlington, 2010-06-27

You have made the tours of Hvar and Brac islands a fantastic experience! I appreciated your explanations of CroatiaТs culture and its history as it added to the enjoyment of this trip beyond measure. Thank you for sharing your family home with us for the picnic and for your patience. You have made Croatia come alive for me Ц I Сll look forward to exchanging information on additional Croatian films and would love to see the procession on Hvar via a video link next Easter. Stay safe and all the best.

1 5 5
, USA, Washington DC, 2010-06-23

Thank you for the experience that I will never forget. The time that I spent in Dubrovnik with you was wonderful. You have a beautiful country that I have never seen any place else. Thank you for all your facts and history to make our trip more enjoyable. You made my vacation one of my favorites. Thank you again.

1 5 5
, USA, Charlotte, NC, 2010-06-20

Thank you, thank you! You get a 10 for your knowledgeable guidance about your country and history. You infused enough humor to make it interesting and fun. Thank you for taking care of our every need. You accommodated our small group so well. We Сve had a fabulous trip and feel that we have come to know your country through your pride and enthusiasm. If you ever wish to visit North Carolina or Utah, look us up and we would be happy to show you around. Best wishes, Steve and Peggy.

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, United States, Seattle, WA, 2010-06-09

My friend and I wanted to go cycling around the islands surrounding Split, and we couldn't have picked a better guide. If you want someone for a cycling tour- PICK MATEJ! He is so sweet, and goes completely out of his way for you. We asked for a local place for lunch, and he took us to a family-owned konoba in a small town called Dol. It was probably the best food we had ever had in years, and the people were so incredible! If you are going to Croatia, please consider Matej. I beg of you.

1 5 5
, Thailand, Bangkok, 2010-01-26

We enjoyed our long discovery trip in Croatia very much, starting from Split. At the end of the trip we really feel that Croatia is really greater beyond our expectation. And the most important thing we highly feel appreciated from guiding, not only your endless knowledge about your Croatia, but also the attentive services that you provided to our team members the whole trip with you which it's really rare to find this kind of services in the European countries. You are really exceptional good local guide we ever find.

1 5 5
, USA, Milford, 2009-11-15

Dear Matt, we can't than you enough for our wonderful trip in Croatia. You have taken very good care of us and gone beyond the call of duty! We appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf.
You are a man of many talents and have the gift of working with people. It has been such a pleasure to meet you. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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, USA, Ravena, 2009-09-08


We are now back from our holiday Cruise of the Mediterranean and we wanted to Thank you again for a wonder tour of Split/Trogir/Salona.

We had a whirlwind trip, but we very much appreciated your time and your GREAT knowledge of history. You are like a walking history book. We had a wonderful time and hope that we can make it back to Croatia sometime soon to spend more time and learn more. You did a great job of getting us around with such little time.

Srdačan pozdrav,

1 5 5
, Minnesota, USA, Minneapolis, 2009-08-18

How could we be so lucky to have such a kind, flexible, can-do man for our guide? Your energy never flagged, your interest in us and desire to make the trip a good one for us and your skills were terrific. I really loved our trip to Croatia, and of the places I have been in the world, I would love to return to Croatia some day. Thank you.

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, USA, Seattle, WA, 2009-07-12

Dear Matej,
Thank you so much for all your guidance and support this past week. Your knowledge of Croatia is incredible and because of you we have a new appreciation of your beautiful country. We were able to do so much more than we ever dreamed it was possible. The extra experience you provided for us because of all your connections made this trip a truly unique experience we will always remember.
Sincererly; Janine and Doug

1 5 5
, Canada, Calgary, 2009-03-18

We enjoyed our tour of Split and Trogir with Matt emensely.
He was organized and responsive regarding the booking and meeting place and well informed about every aspect of the country and area. He communicated the tour information in a clear, interesting manner.
I would highly recommend touring with Matt and we would book with him if another opportunity arose.

1 5 5
, New Zealand, North Shore City, Auckland, 2009-02-27

We met Matej while on a visit to Croatia to see my Grandfather's birthplace in the village of Podgora. Matej guided us through the Diocletian Place in Split and later Trogir. The added value he is able to bring to the experience is profound through his knowledge, culture his obvious joy in doing what he does. We have referred Matej to friends who have subsequently visited Croatia and all have provided similar feedback. We are looking forward to our next visit!

1 5 5
, USA, Oklahoma, Tulsa, 2009-02-18

Matej - We had a great trip. Shelley and I agree that the day we spent on island Hvar with you was one of the best days of the trip! The sailing went well and we had no major problems. We had some great meals on the trip. The restaurants you recommended, Terramarique, and Zori (on Sv.Klement) are two of the best meals we have ever had anywhere in the world! The food was absolutely fantastic. We also had a great dining experience in Dubrovnik.

1 5 5
, USA, Port Saint Lucie, Florida, 2009-01-18

We spent our 25th anniversary on an eleven night privately guided tour of Croatia with Matej. He handled every detail of the trip and did a magnificent job. We saw the scenery, learned about the culture and history, and met the people. The evening he planned for our 25th anniversary is something we will never forget. He planned the trip based upon the things that we told him were important to us and no request was too difficult. We made a good friend and highly recommend Matej.

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, USA, Philadelphia, 2008-07-13

I with my friend simply didn't expect that we would like this country... Our guide Matt Dancevic showed this country so perfectly, so skilfully! Thank you!
Ah, such sea! so clean and so warm! Their people, their houses and these narrow streets.. All became such native and unforgettable. I consider that Croatia is a fairy-tale place for rest..